June 22nd, 2016 · 8:30am – 4:00pm
Nashville Music City Center, Level 2 · Rooms 202 and 205

Alan & Daniel Present Retail Boot Camp – Financial Management 

Capitalizing on three years of success in providing the best half-day financial training for music retailers, NAMM has expanded the back-office segment of Retail Boot Camp into an all-day program. This training will cover the most critical financial components of running any music retail business.

Financial gurus Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe of the music retailing CPA firm Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. will present tried-and-true best practices in the fiscal management of a music store. But this won’t be just another repeat of old info “” this session will have new content and videos presented for the first time. And don’t think this is just for store owners. It’s for any retail staff or retail advisors who want to learn more about the financial challenges facing music retailers of all types and sizes. Topics include:

  • Financial Issues: How to identify and fix the ones happening in your business
  • Purchasing Inventory: How to buy the right mix and quantity of musical products and gear
  • Financial Statements: How to generate, interpret and act upon them
  • Financing: How to properly finance your inventory and rental pool purchases
  • Rental Pools: How to properly account for and tax rental programs
  • Employee Compensation: How to establish an effective comp plan for all employees
  • Worker Status: How to determine the correct worker status (W-2 versus 1099) for your teachers and repair techs
  • Succession: How to determine the dollar value of your business and begin the succession planning process
  • Managing Inventory: How to manage an entire store’s worth of inventory effectively

How to Register

Retail Boot Camp registration is free to NAMM members! Here’s how to sign up and make your track selection:

1. If you’ve registered for a badge and requested more information about Retail Boot Camp on your badge survey, you will receive a follow-up email asking for your track selection.

2. Looking to sign up yourself and your staff? Your company’s authorized contact can log in HERE. (If you need to check your contact role, visit your profile page.) Next, click on the “Manage Badges” button on the right-hand menu. Then, locate the employee on the registration list and check the box for Retail Boot Camp. Selected employees will receive a follow-up email that they must complete to choose their track and finalize their Retail Boot Camp registration.

3. If you have difficulty signing up or have any questions about Retail Boot Camp, contact NAMM at 760-438-8001, or email