The accounting services we provide our music industry clients are an integral part of the management of their businesses. We service several music product retailers and manufacturers, music schools, tour support companies and recording studios throughout the United States. These clients rely upon us to provide them with the timely issuance of financial statements, and related compilation and review services.


Our clients understand the importance of timely financial statements. These statements are used to inform management of what’s going on to avoid things going wrong. Inventory turns, gross profit margins, receivable collections, floor-planning costs, employee compensation and sales commission plans are just a few types of critical data our clients need in an ever-changing market place. We are trained to examine the process in which transactions are recorded, in order to advise you on the efficiency and reliability of your accounting systems. We will identify changes, trends and opportunities and inform you of both their significance and their impact on your business. That’s the level of professional service you should expect from your accounting firm.


The credibility we lend to our clients’ financial statements is important to their banks, flooring/financing sources and vendor credit managers. Without timely, meaningful and credible financial statements, new product lines can’t be obtained, credit limits can’t be expanded and music businesses can’t grow, or worse, can’t run.

At Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C., we not only understand the importance of timely and well organized financial information, we deliver it.