AIMsi Computer Software Consulting


The thought of running a business without an automated and integrated accounting software solution is like trying to play an electric guitar through a transistor radio; you can do it, but not very effectively. Furthermore, given the advances in technology coupled with continued reductions in price, there’s just no good reason not to employ computer technology in most (if not all) aspects of your business.


If you’re a music retailer, you stock literally thousands of selling items to track. That means tracking each item’s vendor, model number, description, quantity, serial number, cost, date bought, shipment terms, arrival date and condition, warehousing location, sale, gross profit, salesperson, commission, payment, sales trend, reorder point and countless other pieces of data just for that one item. Without a doubt, the solution is an integrated system of quality accounting software component applications supported by a team of experienced trainers that possess in-depth experience with the software application, as well as experience based knowledge of accounting and financial reporting. For many music retailers, that software solution is AIMsi Accounting Software by Tri-Technical Systems, Inc.



Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have the internal resources to evaluate, implement, train and manage the AIMsi accounting system, but many business owners can’t. Frankly, the smartest business owners understand the best use of their time is often doing what they do best&buying, selling, marketing, training, managing and/or directing. We too understand a team approach is the best way to address issues of computing automation. We’ve learned over the years that in the end, you’ll spend less time, effort and dollars by having a team of experienced people involved in the selection, implementation and training phases of your new automated accounting system.

Your company’s accounting system may hold all the information you’ll ever need to run your business effectively. But getting information data into it is often a lot easier than getting answers out of it. Even if there are thousands of business like yours, no one runs it like you do. Your automated accounting system should be tailored to provide you with the information you need to make the decisions you face each and every day.



Because we employ accountants with both music retailing expertise and hands-on AIMsi Accounting Software experience, our team of professionals can assist in your implementation and/or training of AIMsi and help you achieve the following goals:

  • To implement, control and master the AIMsi accounting software solution to satisfy your music business transaction processing, accounting and reporting needs.
  • To assist you with updates and modifications, as the software evolves with new technologies.
  • To help you achieve true “independence” from any computer software/hardware vendor or consultant, including us. By minimizing the reliance on outside party services, products and expertise, you, as owners and managers of your Company, are able to gain complete control over your business activities and help assure the continuity of your Company’s operations, accounting and data reporting system under any event.



The next step is to allow us to lead you out of the technology jungle to a place where financial data flows daily, management can make informed decisions, and all at a cost that doesn’t require you to float a bond. If AIMsi Accounting Software experience is what you need, you’ve come to the right place. Call us; we’re Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, PC, your music industry AIMsi consultants.