It’s human nature for clients to expect their CPA firm to be well versed in the ever-changing tax laws that affect their business. A tall order, given many of our music industry clients conduct business both across the U.S. and abroad and, accordingly, are subject to a unique set of tax laws governed by the state(s) and country in which they transact business.

In response to this expectation, coupled with our belief that your CPA firm should be responsible for assisting you comply with all your tax reporting responsibilities, we have made our tax services one of the cornerstones of our accounting practice.

Each year we develop, implement and monitor an effective tax strategy for you and your company. This is generally done hand-in-hand with our year-end accounting engagement. Your Company’s financial statements give insight as to profitability trends, which in turn give rise to tax liabilities. Our job is to project the impact of your tax burden, make effective recommendations to minimize your taxes, and to assist you in the execution of those tax saving strategies.


From a tax compliance standpoint, the preparation of your Federal income tax returns are straight-forward, as Federal returns are the same no matter where you live or conduct your business. State tax laws and income tax returns can differ greatly from state to state. Through our use of the most comprehensive tax return preparation software (CCH ProSystem-FX), we are able to prepare all entity (i.e. corporate, partnership, individual, etc.) tax returns for every state in the United States. By using this comprehensive software solution, coupled with state-of-the art computing technology, we are able to prepare tax returns in a highly automated manner, which translates into a savings of time, effort and ultimately dollars for our clients.


We also have the ability to research any tax issue through the use of cloud-based tax research resources. This technology gives us “up-to-the-minute” tax law, tax information and tax forms. For example, many of our music retailer clients rent and sell band and orchestral instruments. When they ask for the current IRS position on “rent-to-own contracts”, we’re able to respond with timely tax information and advice, due in large part to our resources for tax research coupled with our many years of experience in accounting for and taxation of rental instrument programs. Isn’t that what your accountants should be doing for you? We think so.


Let’s face it, nobody likes an IRS audit; most people compare it to root canal surgery. But if thoroughness isn’t exercised in tax research, a bad tax position on a tax return can invite an audit with no RSVP needed. And if care isn’t taken in the accounting process, tax returns can be materially misstated, resulting in large amounts of tax, interest and penalties when you least expect it and often when you can least afford it. Some audits are just dumb bad luck, but others can be avoided by proper tax planning and reporting. Although we’re experienced in handling tax audits, we’d much rather help you minimize the chances of an audit. Unless you like root canals.


Your tax return preparer needs to know you, your business and most importantly the nature of your business. At Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C., we’ve made it our business to understand the tax issues unique to the music industry and your music business. Our government requires us all to comply with tax law, and we work to that end. But we work for you & nobody else.