Musician and Band


Our musician and band clients are experts at what they do best: they turn fluid, creative thoughts into a musical expression of their heart, mind and soul. Whether they perfect their craft as musicians, bands, song composers, recording engineers or record producers, they channel that talent into a financially rewarding career in the business of music. But there’s more to the music business than writing, recording, engineering and producing great tunes, doing live gigs, and gaining fans and commercial success.


Our firm works closely with artists through every financial aspect of their music career, from establishing the right tax entity to making sure all revenues and expenses are properly accounted for and accurately reported. Additionally, we can guide you on a variety of accounting and tax topics that are unique to your industry (i.e. sales and income tax on CD sales and distribution,) and assist you in managing your money, especially when you can’t due to touring commitments. In essence, we do way more than just tax return preparation.


As important as knowing what we do, it’s also important to know what we don’t do. Our financial, accounting and tax services are just a part of the complete services you’ll need to get your music career off the ground and out of the basement.

For example, legal services are essential to assure your career is both successful and protective of your intellectual property. Those legal services often include getting the right demo to the record label, structuring your recording and production agreements, getting your music published and distributed, and getting you the right management. A quality competent music entertainment lawyer will review, draft, and/or negotiate any agreements artists are offered including indie or major label recording contracts, studio spec agreements, investor packages, intra-band agreements, agency agreements, publishing, distribution, management, producer, and endorsement contracts.

Our firm is proud to have established, developed and nurtured long-term relationships with only the finest music entertainment law, artist management, business management, booking, recording and public relations firms. We’re honored to make referrals to these quality organizations as part of our commitment to the longevity of your music career.