Music Retail Consulting

In response to the growing need of music instrument and product retailers for financial and operational guidance, Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C. provides “Music Retail Consulting Services” that deliver specific, timely, meaningful, valuable and affordable consulting services to owners and management of music instrument and product retail stores. We will (1) assist you in identifying problems inherent in your retail music store operations, accounting, inventory management and/or computer systems, and (2) assist you in implementing appropriate changes to your business operations based upon our engagement findings.

We are frequently asked to perform this engagement in response to specific problems we find common to most or all music retailers. To name a few, common problems include:

  • poor cash flow
  • lack of timely financial information
  • excess inventory
  • low profit margins or lost sales
  • deficient accounting systems and procedures
  • obsolete or inadequate computing solutions
  • personnel performance problems
  • haphazard or no inventory management
  • internal fraud

In an effort to offer these valuable consulting services to all retailers, both large and small, we now offer two types music retail consulting engagements:

Both of these engagements are designed to allow us to review certain aspects of your retail operations, identify problems and/or weaknesses, and make specific recommendations to correct those problems and/or weaknesses.

Equally as important, our consulting engagement and resulting recommendations are geared towards helping your Company become non-dependent on any outside supplier, software vendor and/or business consultant. By minimizing your reliance on outside party services, products and expertise (like ours), the owners and managers of your Company are able to gain complete control over business activities which helps assure the continuity of your Company’s operations, accounting and data reporting systems under any event.

You’re Not Alone

Don’t give in (or worse, give up) to your financial problems. Instead, take comfort in the indisputable fact your problems are not unique, are the same problems experienced by all music retailers, and are problems that can be addressed and solved. Let us help you; we can. We’re Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C., an independent CPA and consulting firm to the music retail industry.

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