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Retail Boot Camp

The best intensive one-day training for your music retail business

Wednesday January 20,2016

8 AM

Want to increase your average sale? Run special events that boost traffic? Build an inventory mix that turns? Increase your store’s worth? You’ll get all this and more at Retail Boot Camp””the best intensive one-day training for your music retail business.

Featuring a new program with new content, Retail Boot Camp will be held at Summer NAMM on Wednesday, July 8 from 8:30 a.m.”“4 p.m. in Nashville’s Music City Center. This must-attend event is free to all NAMM members, so bring the whole team””owners, managers, salespeople, administrative staff, even your retail advisers.

Retail Boot Camp cuts straight to the pain of running a music retail operation. You and your staff will walk away armed with proven, hands-on ideas to succeed in the new way of doing business. Get ready for a profitable fourth quarter””and beyond!

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8:30 a.m: Registration and refreshments
9 a.m.”“4 p.m.: Retail Boot Camp (lunch served at noon)


Host promotions and special events that get results.
Stand out using creative promotions and special events that drive traffic, build customer loyalty and increase revenue. Bob Negen, retail marketing and sales expert, will discuss the different types of promotions and also when to use them, how to promote them effectively, and “best of the best” examples from independent retailers around the world that you can use..

Create a service culture that sells.
Effective, customer-focused selling is the most powerful customer service tool at the independent music retailer’s command. Bob Negen will arm you with easy-to-implement strategies, tips and tricks to increase your average ticket, boost your sales of high-priced instruments and gear, and create more loyal customers. Find out how to build a customer-focused sales culture.


Improve your cash flow.
Get focused on the bottom line! Music retail financial gurus Alan Friedman, CPA, and Daniel Jobe of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. will reveal foolproof ways to improve your back-office operations and the overall worth of your store. You’ll walk away with new ideas to manage your inventory using metrics, not intuition. You’ll also find out how to sell your business to a bank, what kind of debts are appropriate and how using a financial statement can improve your operations. Take control of you cash flow today.